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All Rose Citron soap is made through a cold process (cold saponification) method which helps to preserve properties of the oils and essential oils....Read more

Rose Citron soap combines a soft touch with the fragrant aroma of a flowery, fruity or sweet scent. It can be used both on your hands and on your body. Used with essential oils which will leave the skin feeling soft and fragrant.

Body exfoliating soap - Cocoa Cinnamon

Soap with sweet and delicious notes of cocoa and cinnamon.

  • Organic cocoa butter is perfect for dry and sensitive skin.
  • It is hydrating, healing and nourishing.
  • Coloured with cocoa and exfoliating with coffee grounds.

Body Soap - Lavender

  • Soap with pronounced floral notes unique to lavender.
  • Coloured with orcanette flower
  • With Lavender essential oil

Exfoliating Soap - Cedar & Mint

Exfoliating soap with pepper, mint and cedar essential oils.

MINT (Mentha spicata)

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Healing
  • Mucolytic (clears respiratory airways)
  • Expectorant (helps to expel mucus)
  • CEDAR (Thuja occidentals)
  • Regenerative

Body soap - Eucalyptus

Soap with very fresh eucalyptus notes reminiscent of the spa. Refreshing and softening.
Coloured with Dead Sea mud.


  • mucolytic (helps expel mucus)
  • antibacterial (works against infections)
  • decongestant

Body Soap - Lime & Vanilla

Soap with sweet notes.

  • With Lime essential oils and natural bourbon vanilla flavour.
  • Coloured with chlorophyll.

Body Soap - Orange-Ylang

Soap with fruity and slightly floral and spicy notes.

  • Mixed fragrance that will appeal to both women and men.
  • Coloured with turmeric.
  • With essential oils of Sweet Orange and Ylang Ylang.

**Ylang ylang essential oil should be avoided when applied to the skin in pregnant (uterotonic) and breastfeeding (breastfeeding) women and children under 6 years old.

La Puck - Body Soap

Body soap with rosemary, patchouli and activated charcoal. Suitable for whoever “scores”. Soap with spicy notes and activated charcoal.

ROSEMARY (Rosmarinus officinalis)

  • intellectual tonic (against fatigue)
  • mucolytic (expelling mucus)
  • balancing
  • Fungicide
  • good for acne and oily skin

PATCHOULI (Pogostemon cablin)

  • Regenerating
  • tonic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • good for acne and oily skin
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